React Js vs Angular Js

React Js :

React Js is a Javascript library, used to create single page web applications. React uses JSX for writing its components. JSX stands for Javascript XML. In jsx we can write HTML and JS together.

As React Js is a library, so for various features like routing we have to install separate packages.

Angular Js :

Angular Js is a Javascript framework, which can also be used to make single page web applications. Angular is Js framework, which means it has more inbuilt features. Angular also uses the component based approach to create websites.

Difference between React Js and Angular :

React JsAngular Js
1. It is managed by Facebook.1. It is managed by Google.
2. It is a Js library, which means for more features we are dependent on external packages.2. It is a Js framework and has most commonly used features are inbuilt like routing.
3. It uses Javascript and JSX.3. It uses Typescript and Html.
4. Manipulates the virtual DOM.4. Manipulates the real DOM.
5. Learning curve is easier.5. Learning curve is steep.
6. Migrating between versions is easier.6. There are complications in migrating to a newer version.

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