Zend Development

Zend provides groundwork for secure and scalable applications and acts as a modular architecture. Zend Framework 2 is shaping up to become favorite of all the tools and has different plug-in features.

It helps in Email composition and delivery and retrieval, supports multiple database systems and vendors. Technical alliances with companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, and IBM, have strengthened the support and stability of the framework, which is now used by startups and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Zend Framework provides individual components for many other common requirements in web application development, including authentication and authorization via access control lists (ACL), application configuration, data caching, filtering/validation of user-provided data for security and data integrity, internationalization, interfaces to AJAX functionality, email composition/delivery. Zend Framework uses the MVC (Model-view-controller) paradigm and has open source contributors who take responsibility for the fact that their code is not the intellectual property of someone else.

More and more companies are choosing Zend Framework to develop enterprise level applications. We have 4 years of rich experience in Zend Framework. Some of the solutions that we have worked in using Zend Framework includes creating payment gateways, database and front end websites. We provide custom Zend development solution which are robust, secure and reliable by using advanced technology and as per client business needs ranging from 4% months to 140% months. Our PHP Developers have been working with PHP platform for years now and has gathered a lot of experience to create highly functional and creative applications that assure to ease your workflow and increase the productivity.