Responsive Design Development

MaXEster has a team of responsive web designers who are well-versed with latest technology and tools to design and develop mobile-optimized websites

We understand that user experience is your top priority and we will help you improve it by designing mobile responsive websites.

Responsive Web Design is Engaging
A responsive website has features like mapping functions, click-to-call, which makes it easier to engage customers. For local businesses, responsive web design plays a major role as it helps the user to connect easily when in immediate geographic proximity

Less Waiting and More Browsing
Mobile websites have been designed in a way that reduces the downloading time of websites and allows the user to browse freely.

Mobile Websites are SEO-friendly
Google loves mobile-friendly websites and so do the other search engines. Businesses with a responsive web design are likely to rank higher as compared to the ones without it.

Speaks about your Brand
A mobile website creates a positive image of your business. Moreover, mobile-friendly websites also give you an upper edge over your competitors by capturing user attention.

One of the most remarkable features of a mobile website is its ease of access anywhere, anytime. So, a user is constantly connected to the internet. Mobile websites are an unprecedented opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Flexible and Cost-Effective
A mobile website is a flexible and cost-effective platform than a mobile app. Unlike mobile apps, you don't need to build a website for different platforms, submit them to the app store and wait for the approval. A mobile website is compatible with all the smartphone browsers making it an effective solution.

Wider Advertising Opportunities
Mobile advertising is the latest trend to reach out to target audiences. If you use Google AdWords for advertising about your website then you are ads are likely to show up in mobile listings. So, mobile ads open up a new dimension of advertising for your business which can increase your ROI.